Valentines fun

I used to think it’s a bit strange celebrating ‘valentines’ day with children, but now I’ve grown to think of it more as a day for sharing love and kindness ❤️! Educating my children in recognizing their words & actions have an impact on the people around them.

I begin on the 1st of Feb until the 14th I put a heart post-its on my children’s bedroom door, with reasons why I love them!

Breakfast on the 14th normally consists heart shaped pancakes & lots of red fruit!

Followed by a couple of little activities to get my children thinking about their actions…….


…….and words…..

Let the children squeeze a tube of toothpaste or tomato purée onto a plate……

……then ask them to put it back in the tube….. after a while talk to them about unkind words and explain that like the toothpaste, once they have been said they cannot take them back.


Then, to end the day, needless to say a heart style tub-time…..

Plenty of different sized foam hearts, and plenty of red food colouring!! To get the bubbles looking pink, you simply dilute the red/pink food colouring in a water spray bottle and spray them.











Bath Paints

Shaving foam and red, pink and purple food colouring.

-go easy on the food colouring, depending on the product they may stain your child.



This was quite a mathematical bath, using a lot of shape, size, numbers, counting, colour and positional language during Miss 3’s splashing!

An Ode to a Two Year Old

I must say, two year olds have to be my favourite age group to work with, such an exploratory  impulse, wanting to learn, but little understanding of communication and limited social skills, a time when a mummy (and daddy) is their best friend! And a time where their innocence shows no discrimination’s.

I thought I’d share with you a poem I wrote several years ago, relating to the frustrations of a mother in a supermarket referring to their child as going through the ‘terrible’ twos!!


I see it.

I want it.

It’s mine RIGHT NOW!

I take it.

They cry, but it’s okay; I’ve got it now.

I speak with my actions

           as words I have few,

I do what I do 

     because, me,

I’m only 2!

In fact,

It’s all about me,

In my  little zone,





How can I understand their emotions

While I’m still learning my own??!!

I stamp my feet.

I shout and scream.

It’s my prerogative

       to be emotionally extreme!

After all;

Words I have few,

I do what I do

      Because me,

I’m only 2!


Sorry if I embarrass you

In the supermarket shop-

I don’t get why I can’t have what I see

So I tell you in a ‘strop’.

I don’t mean to upset you

Or turn your face tomato red,

I lay on the floor,

Shout and struggle-

An emotional puzzle in my head,

I can’t describe it as words I have few,

I do what I do

          Because me,

I’m only 2!





I’m changing every day,

I’m becoming independent

And NOTHING can stand in my way!!

A determined explorer-

     that’s me at my best!

An inquisitive learner

On a twonager quest.

I see it, so I touch it,

I smell it then taste it.

“What are you doing now?!”

You then say to me.

I’m exploring with my senses

        Because me,

I’m only 2, not yet 3!


So before you throw negative comments

          my way:

“Yet another tantrum”

“It’s the terrible twos”

Please think before you say.

And just remember this:

There’s nothing terrible in me being 2,

I do what I do

   Because me,

I’m ONLY (not terrible) 2!!!!


By Katie Keeley