Tub time-Weather

One of my signature parenting activities is themed tub-times.  Such valuable times you can spend with your child, engaging and have fun!  And generally the ingredients are similar!

The themes I choose are generally around my children’s interests, stories or related to topics they are doing at school/nursery.

Today’s was weather related, so as Miss 3 has taken a great interest in literacy recently I displayed weather related words using foam letters, the clouds, rainbow, raindrops etc, I simply cut out from craft foam, which is great for sticking to the sides of the bath and wall tiles!  I used shaving foam (sensitive! LOTS!!) to represent snow.  I used blue food paste for colouring the bath water-go easy though!

Then we had a little science experiment in the glass bowl, I filled it with water, and Miss 3 squirted shaving foam on top (Fantastic activity for developing those fine motor skills for early writing!!), she did need a little help to do this, the shaving foam here, represents clouds.  Miss 3 then used a medicine syringe (again, really working on those fine motor skills, but not even realizing it-parenting at it’s best!!) , to suck up some of her blue bath water and squirt it gently on top the clouds, as yo can see from the pictures, eventually the ‘clouds’ become heavy and it starts to ‘rain’!

Bedtime stories tonight were weather related ‘What Makes a Rainbow’, ‘The Other Ark’ and ‘Meet the Snowy Animals’.Great fun!

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5 thoughts on “Tub time-Weather

    • parentingmagic101 says:

      I’ve only just started blogging, but i’ve always done tub-times, baby baths are amazing, food colouring for water is quite safe & themes could range from 5little Ducks & row your boat to colours & numbers and needless to say there doesn’t even have to be water!! We used the baby bath for many messy play & sensory experience-baked beans, cornflour, mash potato, dry cereal, pasta etc!

      Enjoy your little one. Make memories everyday!

      Yesterday has past. Today is given. Tomorrow is unknown.


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